Rental Equipment Available For Shoots At The Knowlton

Rental Equipment for Video & Photo Shoots

Equipment can be rented for offsite shoots as well.


RED Scarlet W Dragon 5k KIT
  • 7in touch monitor
  • 480 gig mini mag
  • RED EF Mount
  • Wooden Camera PL mount
  • DSMC2 Side Handle
  • Wooden Camera gold mount plate
  • Teredek OMOD xlr2 module
  • Standard OLPF
  • Kipptertie Carbon 2 OLPF
  • Red mini mag card reader
  • O’Connor Follow Focus system
  • Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate 15mm rods
  • Tilta Nano Wireless Follow Focus

Canon 5D Mark III


Litepanels Gemini 2×1
(2) Aperture 300d Mark ii
(1) Aperture Lantern 360 degree with skirt
(1) Aperture fresnel 2x attachment
(1) Arri 650w with barn doors
(2) Arri 300w with barn doors
Color spike RGB LED
12×12 butterfly frame
(2) 8×8 half soft frost diffusion
Chimera soft box and various grid cloth


Norm Doorway dolly with side panels
(3) 8ft straight steel tracks
(1) 90 degree steel track
Avenger roller stand 12ft
Dana dolly with motion control
(2) Dana dolly slider stands
4c stands
Various light stands
Impact Boom arm steel
Kessler crane K tripod system
Kessler pocket jib
Vinten vision 8 fluid head
Full set of Apple Boxes
(1) 36”x24” Black Flag


Zeiss Otus 28mm, 55mm, 85mm Duclos cine mod. 95mm fronts
Canon 70-200
Sigma 18-35
Rokion 14mm


(2) Anton Bauer 150w Gold Mount Batteries
(1) Anton Bauer 190w Gold Mount Battery
(1) Anton Bauer 90w Gold Mount Battery
Anton Bauer Twin Simultaneous Charger for Gold Mount Batteries
(3) Anton Bauer Titan Charger/Power Supply


(2) Sennheiser Shotgun Microphones
(1) Neumann Shotgun Microphone